ISO-SMOOTH - Pharmaceutical-Grade, Time-Released, Isolate Protein
Award Winning Taste No Bloating Instant Mixability
  • Award Winning Taste
  • No Bloating
  • Instant Mixability

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Pharmaceutical Grade, 4 Stage Isolated Blend of Protein!

Blue Star ISO-SMOOTH is a four stage cold-processed Isolated blend of proteins, delivering fast when you need it, and time released to keep you sustained.  With virtually no lactose, you won't feel bloated or gassy. Combined with award winning taste and instant mixability, it's the protein you have been waiting for!

When It Comes To Protein, You Get What You Pay For

Unfortunatley, due to the high cost of raw protein powders, many manufacturers cut corners in order to increase profit margin for big box retailers.  However, we don't get pushed around by big box retailers. We refuse to "spike" our protein with cheap amino acids that test as protein, but leave users disappointed with results.



Blue Star ISO-SMOOTH is Independently 3rd Party Lab Tested

Every single batch of Blue Star ISO-SMOOTH is re-tested at an independent 3rd party lab, validating that you can trust that ISO-SMOOTH will deliver the best results.

Blue Star ISO-SMOOTH will deliver:

  • More Sustained Energy During the Day
  • Leaner, Tighter Muscles
  • A Faster Metabolic Rate
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails
  • Improved Recovery, and more!

Human Research

Increased Thermogensis- Protein causes a great increase in thermogensis (calorie burning) than either fat or carbohydrates.  Research indicates that substituting out some carbohydrate (bread, pasta, sugars) from your daily intake and adding back an equal amount of protein can increase thermogensis by 100%.

Increased Fat Loss- Research has shown that a high protein diet will produce more fat loss compared to a high carbohydrate diet.  In a head to head comparison the average fat loss for high protein diets was 56% greater than for a high carbohydrate diet.  This is the result of a combination of increased thermogensis, increased satiety, decreased carbohydrate consumption and appetite control.

How do I dose ISO-SMOOTH for the best results?

Most fitness enthusiasts aim for 1 gram of protein a day for each pound of their bodyweight. For example, a 180lb person would consume 180g of protein a day. We recommend that any protein you don't get from food is supplemented by ISO-SMOOTH.


How does ISO-SMOOTH taste?



What do I mix ISO-SMOOTH with?

Feel free to mix ISO-SMOOTH with your favourite beverage. We recommend ice cold water but many users experiment mixing ISO-SMOOTH with fruits, berries, milk, juice and even adding it into their favorite recipes.


What is the so different about "isolates"?

Isolates have been filtered more purely from their raw source of protein. This means less sugars, fats and lactose. Furthermore, they absorb quicker, have a superior biological value and mix almost instantly.


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