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A science-backed pre-workout formula that helps increase muscle pumps, strength, power, lean muscle, and energy.*
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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
3rd Party Lab Tested
Formulated by Scientists
Clinically Tested Ingredients
60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
3rd Party Lab Tested
Formulated by Scientists
Clinically Tested Ingredients

The key ingredients in P.P.K.™  have been scientifically shown to support:

  • 147% Greater Increase in Total Strength Over Training Alone*(1)
  • 54% Increase in Blood Flow Immediately Following Exercise vs Placebo Group*(2)
  • 30% Increase in Power Output Over Placebo*(1)
  • Increase in Lean Body Mass*
  • Mental Clarity, Improve Concentration, and Enhanced Cognitive Function*
  • Long Duration, Muscular Endurance and  Higher Volume Workouts*

(1)  Wilson JM, Joy JM, Lowery RP, Roberts MD, Lockwood CM, Manninen AH, Fuller JC, De Souza EO, Baier SM, Wilson SMC, Rathmacher JA. Effects of oral adenosine-5’-triphosphate supplementation on athletic performance, skeletal muscle hypertrophy and recovery in resistance-trained men. Nutr Metab. 10; doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-10-57, 2013.

(2) Jager R, Roberts MD, Lower RP, Joy JM, Cruthirds CL, Lockwood CM, Rathmacher JA, Purpura M, Wilson JM. Oral adenosine-5’-triphosphate (ATP) administration increases blood flow following exercise in animals and humans. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 11; doi:10.1186/1550-2783-11-28, 2014.

*The Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Take 1 Serving (1 Scoop) of P.P.K.™  with 8-12oz of water 30  minutes before exercise. For maximum results combine P.P.K.™ with sensible exercise and proper nutrition

We’re incredibly proud of our commitment to science, transparency, community, and your results. If your Blue Star Nutraceuticals products don’t deliver, we will solve it. Just reach out to our certified experts within 60 days of your purchase. We’re here for you. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Click Here for Details.


P.P.K.™ has scientifically-backed ingredients chosen specifically for their pump, power, and kick qualities. It’s designed for those who want more from their workout. Consume just one serving of thirst-quenching P.P.K.™ 30 minutes before your next training session and you’ll experience a workout that goes from good - to great.

Benefits of a Pre-Workout


A published study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research supports that a single dose of the key ingredient in P.P.K.™ improves performance and physiological response during resistance exercise.


Our scientists like to talk about developing the perfect pre-workout. Cleaner. Faster. Stronger. One that delivers incredible performance, while still being refreshingly delicious and suitable for regular use. Our 4th generation of our pre-workout formula P.P.K.™ continues forward with this philosophy.


For Blue Star Nutraceuticals,® the finish line is just a stepping stone in our constant pursuit of further improvement.

Increase in Blood Flow
Increase in Total Strength Over Training Alone
Increase in Power Over Placebo


Our fully transparent white papers detail how we go from molecular mechanism to clinical outcome, challenging each individual ingredient at every stage with painstaking detail. However, if that's not for you - we've laid out the clinical research on the key ingredient in P.P.K.™.

ppk science

Graph #1: In a pilot study of 12 college-aged resistance-trained subjects, a key ingredient in P.P.K.™ was ingested 30 minutes prior to exercise. In a pre-post design, blood flow was measured 0, 3 and 6 minutes post exercise either during a control week or 1 week after supplementing daily. Compared to control, a key ingredient in P.P.K.™ resulted a 54% greater increased in blood flow immediately following exercise (p <0.01). Graph #2: 24 resistance-trained males were selected to participate in a double-blind, placebo and diet controlled 12 week exercise training study. Half of the participants supplemented with a key ingredient in P.P.K.™ daily while the other half supplemented with placebos. Maximum squat strength was measure prior and 12 weeks post training. Participants supplementing with a key ingredient in P.P.K.™ gained 215% more strength than those supplementing with placebos (p < 0.001).* 

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
ROBERT J. (Allentown, US)
Great boost of energy.

I started using P.P.K. a couple of months ago. It gave me a nice boost of energy and focus throughout my workout. I will be using this from now on

Peiman H. (Washington, US)


Armando M. (La Puente, US)
Amazing Product

Definitely the best pre workout product. Gives you the perfect boost for workouts. Does not make you feel jittery and does not make you crash afterwards. Certainly a great product.

James W. (Waterloo, US)

Great taste and the only way i like to start my workouts

Philip C. (Willow Grove, US)
Tried the rest…

PPK is simply the best! Love the new flavor!!

Ceary M. (Atlanta, US)
You get what you paid for

You know the saying YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR ... And this delivers! I'm going to put a hold on Vitamin shoppe/GNC and continue to use Blue Star.

Alex D. (Midlothian, US)
Product makes me feel dozens of years younger!

Product has been working very well for me. The one complaint I have is make the handle on the scoop shorter so that I don't inadvertently spill some of the product when trying to scoop out a dosage.

Ernie O. (Bagwell, US)
Go time!

PPK is by far the best pre workout I’ve used. No jitters , great flavor and impacts my workout exactly the way I want I too.

Michael W. (Farmington, US)
Best in 15 years of pre-workout

After trying many different brands and types of pre-workouts, P.P.K gives me the more energy and stamina than all the rest. My results are showing it!!!

Adrian C.

Is and excelente products x the vides help me out a lot thanks for everything I appreciate

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