Stipe Miocic
Hometown: Independence, Ohio
Favorite Supplement: Status®
Favorite Workout: Train like an Athlete - Push Day
Instagram: @stipemiocic

Bio: Fighting out of Independence, Ohio… 6x UFC® Heavyweight Champion of the world… Stipe Miocic! And that’s just the beginning. Stipe is also a proud father, loving husband, and part-time firefighter paramedic. If anybody knows the value of getting up and going to work, it’s Stipe. In fact it made him a champion, six times over.
Rob Riches
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Supplement: Blade®
Favorite Workout: The 30-30: Dumbbell Only HIIT Workout
Instagram: @robrichesfitness

Bio: Living legend, Rob Riches. Born in the UK, Rob moved to Los Angeles in his early 20s with his sight set on rising to the top of the fitness world. And that’s exactly what he did. While starring in The Rob Riches Show, Rob grew his YouTube channel to over 650,000 subscribers while simultaneously offering personal training to some of Hollywood’s elite actors and athletes. But what else would you expect from “America’s Fittest Model”?
Rasheed Philips
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Favorite Supplement: P.P.K.™ Pineapple Mango
Favorite Workout: The Shred Gauntlet
Instagram: @rasheedphilips

Bio: Netflix superstar. World traveller. BBQ pitmaster. Kinda, almost, part-time, honorary Navy Blue Angel. Gentle giant. And that’s barely scratching the surface. Search the earth and you might not find a more perfect combination of raw, unbridled enthusiasm and gentle, genuine altruism. Rasheed won over America’s heart with his screen-stealing performance on Netflix’s American Barbecue Showdown and he continues to leave that same impression on everyone he meets… and feeds.
Hayden Greene
Hometown: Bellbrook, Ohio
Favorite Supplement: Shake One™
Favorite Workout: 300 Rep Full Body Challenge
Instagram: @haydengreenefit

Bio: 6’1” with a smile almost as wide, Hayden is just a freshman to the fitness world and yet already winning praise from people 20 years his senior. Splitting time between his hometown of Bellbrook, Ohio and the slightly sunnier Tampa, Florida, you can always find him with a shaker full of P.P.K.™ lifting heavy and spotting anyone who asks. You’re probably used to seeing him on Instagram and TikTok, but be ready for him on some bigger screens any day now.
Matt Daciw
Hometown: Fergus, Ontario
Favorite Supplement: Status®
Favorite Workout: Tactical Training
Instagram: @titan__training

Bio: Big guys can’t bend. Wrong! Daciw (“Da-shoe”) deadlifts 700 lb then jumps, tucks, flips, and kicks his way through whatever movie set he’s working on any given day. Leading man? Not his thing just yet. Although we do think he’s handsome enough to pull it off. Instead, stunt double Matt takes all the bumps and bruises so the pretty guys stay pretty. Matt’s a monster and if you’re interested in putting on size like him quickly, check out any of his 30+ workout videos on our YouTube channel.
James Johnson
Hometown: Phenix City, Alabama
Favorite Supplement: GH Peak™
Favorite Workout: Ripped Over 40
Instagram: @jamesjohnson156

Bio: Maybe the greatest fitness story ever told. We first met James when he was 46 years old and looking to burn a little belly fat he’d put on after his kids left the house. Fast forward four years and James is on stage receiving his IFBB® Pro Card at the age of 50! If there was ever walking, talking proof that age is just a number, self-proclaimed “Regular Guy” James Johnson is it. His story is an inspiration to millions, evidenced by his “Ripped Over 40” workout with over a million views on YouTube. We’re still inspired by him every day and we couldn’t be more proud to call him a cornerstone of our team
Maya Nowakowski
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario
Favorite Supplement: P.P.K.™ Pineapple Mango
Favorite Workout: TheUltimate Full Body Partner Workout
Instagram: @mnfitness_17

Bio: Maya is a full-time dental hygienist and part-time heavy lifter, although her PRs might indicate otherwise. If she’s not brightening someone’s smile you’ll probably find her with a smile of her own hanging out at her favourite place, the Blue Star Nutraceuticals Training Facility. Her positivity and kindness are contagious and she’s got time for everyone she meets. Just don’t talk to her when she’s in the squat rack.
Jason Bjarnson
Hometown: St. George, Utah
Favorite Supplement: P.P.K™ Pineapple Mango
Favorite Workout: Superhuman Strength & Athleticism
Instagram: @bjarnson_fitness

Bio: What does a gymnast who’s been competing for over half his life look like? You’re looking at him. Utah native Jason is studying Physical Therapy and when he’s not doing ridiculous flips and twists of his own, he’s coaching others - in both gymnastics and personal training. Check him out on Instagram where sometimes shows his 150,000 followers how to backflip across busy Hollywood intersections.
Kellan Jay
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario
Favorite Supplement: Crea-Tech™
Favorite Workout: ARMored Assault Tri & Bi Workout
Instagram: @swellan_

Bio: Kellan got serious about fitness after winning a transformation contest at his local supplement store. He put on an insane amount of muscle while absolutely torching his fat for a truly impressive transformation in just under 100 days… then immediately put on 20 lb of queso and pina colada during his Grand Prize all inclusive trip to Mexico. In all fairness, he got right back on the gain-train the moment he got home and even grew a pretty sweet ‘stache in the meantime. You can usually find him at the Blue Star Nutraceuticals Training Facility where guys line up to ask him about his arms.
Lianne Forler
Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario
Favorite Supplement: Roughage™
Favorite Workout: Old School Bodybuilding Leg Workout
Instagram: @lourmt

Bio: Firefighter. Fitness model. Registered Massage Therapist. Lianne approaches health and fitness with the same energy and enthusiasm that she brings to work at the firehall every day. There’s no challenge too big and no task too small for Lianne. She’s a devoted team member and the first person you’d want by your side whether you’re running into a burning building or setting up for a new PR.
Joel Paquette
Hometown: Goderich, Ontario
Favorite Supplement: P.P.K.™ Pineapple Mango
Favorite Workout: MMA Bodyweight HIIT
Instagram: @punchypaquette

Bio: Who needs a bio when you already have an entire movie?
Jamison Lange
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Favorite Supplement: Gummy Bear AminoFast™
Favorite Workout: 28 Day Challenge - Day 1
Instagram: @jamison.lange

Bio: What’s not to love about a guy whose inspiration is his own Mother. “She’s been my idol and my OG from day 1!” Jamison, admittedly, went from scrawny to brawny in just under two years. He was always a hard-gainer, but when he decided to finally take his fitness seriously he added 20 pounds of muscle in 23 months. The first thing he did was focus on form - for an entire year! That’s exactly why his clients stick with him now. When it comes to proper lifts, look no further than this guy. And try not to get blinded by those chiclets!

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