EXTREME RUSH - Feel the Rush, See the Muscle
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  • Increase Intensity
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736 Grams

Power Berry

Train with utmost intensity!

EXTREME RUSH is formulated for those who want to train with utmost intensity every time they set foot in the gym. Get ready to experience maximum muscle pumps, accelerated muscle growth, explosive energy, enhanced endurance and dialled-in focus for superior workouts far beyond what is possible with standard pre-workouts or poor quality ultra-concentrate formulas.

Other brands just don’t compare.

We refuse to cut corners in the development of EXTREME RUSH! Formulated with clinically validated doses and cutting edge patented ingredients, unlike many other pre-workouts and ultra concentrates on the market today. Unfortunately, many supplement companies use untested or unregulated ingredients, water down their pre-workout products with fillers and sugars or do not contain enough of the active ingredients necessary to deliver real results! EXTREME RUSH is manufactured in a state of the art facility, overseen by the federal government to ensure the utmost in quality and safety! Compare and see for yourself why EXTREME RUSH is one of the most clinically advanced pre-workout supplements on the market today!

How does EXTREME RUSH work?

EXTREME RUSH is fueled by five unique blends that drive the strongest combination of proven muscle-building, pump-enhancing, energy and recovery igniting ingredients. Together the ingredients found in EXTREME RUSH deliver greater increases in strength, power, endurance and muscle cell volumization, while at the same time increasing lean mass and decreasing body fat!

Increase power up to 18%!

EXTREME RUSH is formulated with the highest grade creatine available. Creatine increases the availability of ATP, our muscles primary energy source. EXTREME RUSH provides the clinically validated dose of creatine to help increase your strength, lean muscle mass and power in the gym by up to 18%!

Experience a new muscle pump!

The synergistic blend of Agmatine, a potent new NO stimulator is combined with patented NO extending ingredient HYPEROX to deliver superior muscle cell volumization. Agmatine is the key compound that Arginine gets converted to in the body. This means you are directly providing your body what it needs to kick up NO production into over drive – without wasting time in the conversion process! The combination of Agmatine, HYPEROX and other NO stimulating ingredients causes a rush of NO, a decrease in NO degradation, and rope-like vascularity with every single rep!

Maximum endurance.

To ensure you get the most out of every workout, EXTREME RUSH is formulated with endurance compounds including the research-proven dose of Beta-Alanine, which helps buffer lactic acid build-up in the muscle. This results in longer sets, more reps and more muscle power!

Drug-like delivery technology.

EXTREME RUSH is formulated with drug-like-delivery technology to optimizes muscle nutrient up-take of amino acids, vitamins and glucose to working muscles to ensure the quickest and longest-lasting effects possible!

Pure energy with no jitters.

Whether it's your morning dose or your pre-workout serving, EXTREME RUSH delivers a saturation of limitless energy, enhanced mood and intense focus from the synergistic combination of scientifically researched nootropics. This powerhouse blend includes double methylated PEA, Hordenine and prescription-strength Pikamilon developed in the former Soviet Union. You will experience a rush of pure energy without the erratic muscle jitters, nervousness, uncomfortable twitches or crashes you may get from an inferior product!

What will you experience on EXTREME RUSH?

  • Accelerated Lean Muscle Gains
  • Maximum Muscle Cell Volumization
  • Optimized Nutrient Delivery and Superior Absorption
  • Fuller Harder Muscles and Skin Splitting Muscle Pumps
  • Extreme Vascularity
  • Increased Strength and Performance
  • Boost Power and Size
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Mood and Focus
  • Delayed Muscle Fatigue

Human Research

The core ingredients in EXTREME RUSH are clinically validated on human test subjects, which is important since most companies mislead you by promising results solely on animal research. What's worse, they don't use the clinically validated dose in their formula! The results found from the core ingredients in EXTREME RUSH have been shown to:

  • Increase Power up to 18%
  • Increase Maximal Strength
  • Increase Endurance
  • Delay Time to Fatigue
  • Increase Muscle Cell Hydration and Volumization
  • Increase Energy and Focus
  • Increase Lean Muscle and Decrease Body Fat

"All my lifts are up - deadlift, bench...it feels great! Extreme Rush is the only natural pre-workout supplement that actually works!"

Sam Dixon IDFA Natural Pro Bodybuilder

"I love the way my man looks and feels since using Extreme Rush. He's harder and fuller than he's ever been. All I can say is - hot!"

Debbie Laurin-Leclerc Professional Drug-Free IDFA Competitor

"Extreme Rush is my go-to when I'm preparing for a shoot. It's the only pre-workout that tastes great and delivers results!"

Andy Sinclair International Cover Model

How do I dose EXTREME RUSH for best results?

Take one serving of EXTREME RUSH 15 to 30 minutes prior to your workout with an eight oz glass of water for maximum results.


How long does it take to experience results?

EXTREME RUSH works within minutes of your very first dose. You will feel an intense burst of energy, focus, and enhanced muscle cell volumization after your first rep.


Does EXTREME RUSH contain banned ingredients?

 No! EXTREME RUSH is an all-natural formula that delivers results without the use of banned substances.


When should I take EXTREME RUSH?

For best results, EXTREME RUSH should be supplemented on working days, one serving in the morning upon rising and one serving 15 minutes before your workout. On non-workout days take one serving of EXTREME RUSH in the mornings.


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